Why a warming climate matters

Image courtesy of Monash University and City of Melbourne

It’s getting hot — especially in Stonnington

The effects of a changing climate are felt very differently depending on where we live.

In Stonnington, we’re in the middle of what’s known as an urban heat island — average temperatures are up to four degrees warmer than the rest of Victoria. This puts us uniquely at risk if temperatures increase. Stonnington will feel the effects of a changing climate more quickly than almost anywhere else in the state.

Improve the future for Stonnington’s youngest residents

More than one in ten residents of Stonnington are under the age of 14. If our emissions grow unchecked, global temperatures may rise by four degrees within their lifetimes. If we can make small changes now, we could dramatically change what life looks like for the younger members of our community – and our children and grandchildren.

Protect those most at risk in the Stonnington community

Stonnington is home to aged-care facilities, surgeries and hospitals. The Australian Medical Association has declared climate change a health emergency — and the WHO recognises climate change as the greatest threat to global health in the 21st century.